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The use of Silver and its effects:

The use of silver as a natural germ killer has been in existence for centuries.

In Medieval Mediterranean and ancient Asia, Silver wares were used to prevent drinks from turning sour, In 338 B.C.,  when the ancient Macedonians invaded Greece, they used silver flakes on wounds to speed up healing;

Silver thread was used on wounds during World War One as it can deter bacteria infection; Emperors in China and their ministers used sliver chop sticks when dinning.

The pioneers in American Wild West used Silver coins in the

bucket to keep the milk fresh when refrigerator was still a remote thing;

The nomadic people in Inner Mongolia use silver bowl
to prevent mare’s milk from turning bad.


The mystic prescription in Chinese Mandarin
Court shows that silver necklace was used in
the preparation of medicines to treat patients;

Hua Tou used silver needle to cure the migraine of Chao Cao;

Silver needles is the best to use for acupuncture

Mr. Li Shi Zeng in his

《本草綱目  Ben Zao Kang Mu

it sums up the medical value of Silver as:
It maintains the well being of the body,

Pacify the internal organs, Curb virus, Keep you fit

Extend your life span.

Silver wares were used by Royals in Europe as it can keep one healthy, help in detoxification and a sign of status.

Nano Silver
the use of nano technology to reduce silver into the size of nano;

When silver is in the state of nano, its bacterial killing power would be greatly maximized;

Nano Silver Can deter or kill the following infectious diseases such as Colon bacillus, lymphocytes and trachoma Chlamydia, and it would have a strong effect on them.

Modern clinical research has proven that antibiotics can kill only 6 contagious bacteria, but colloidal silver can kill over 650;

but it does no harm to the normal cells in the body.

In laboratory, scientists have yet to see any bacteria on earth that cannot be destroyed by silver in 6 minutes;


The use of Colloidal Silver

Today, silver is being used in many sectors of the economy, for example home appliances, furniture, medicines and cosmetics etc.


魅力接觸法 Attraction

1. 視所有人為百萬客戶
Treating a customer like a million customer

2. 笑容是人與人之間最好的橋梁
Smile is a bridge between two persons

3. 從一百個缺點中找出優點去讚美顧客
Find out good habits of customer in order to praise him or her

4. 培養無可抵擋的專業儀態 Project Professional Personality

5. 對任何事與物保持感恩的心 Appreciation

親身體驗產品 Salesman must try out products first

防彈衣的故事 The story of the bullet-proof vest

專業行銷員必須 Professional salesman must

了解產品的功能與好處 Understand the functions and benefits of the products

相信產品 Trust the product

體驗產品 Try the product

擁有產品 Own the product

尋找客戶需求的不二法 The only way to find out customers’ needs

提問和講解 20% Question & Present 20%

傾聽 80% Listening 80%

需求銷售法-尋找顧客需求 Need Selling

為甚麼想買床? Why do you want to buy mattress?

一直以來睡怎樣的床? All these while, what kind of mattress do you sleep on?

想物色怎樣的床? What kind of mattress are you looking for?

需求銷售法-尋找顧客需求 Need Selling

Are you using it for your own or are you sharing it with other or are you buying for others?

Do you understand the difference of Getha mattress and other brand mattress?

需求銷售法-尋找顧客需求 Need Selling

是否聽過要有知識才能睡的床褥? Have you ever heard that you must have knowledge about this set of mattress then only you can sleep on it?

顧客問這套床多少錢? Customer ask How much is this set of mattress?

請問您有聽過這種床嗎﹖ Have you ever heard of such mattress?

If customer's answer is "No."

According to Getha’s company rule and regulation, if you do not know about this set of mattress,
we cannot simply sell to you.

Because this set of mattress is very special.

If you cannot understand its’ benefits,

you cannot see the result.

If you have knowledge about this set of mattress then only you can sleep on it

If customer's answer is "Yes."

Please allow me to ask you few important questions,

Because this set of mattress is very special.

If you cannot understand its’ benefits,

you cannot see the result.

If you have knowledge about this set of mattress then only you can sleep on it

您若咨詢床褥專家 If you consult a professional,

至少得付幾百塊錢 you have to pay at least few hundred dollars.

我將免費提供專業知識 I give free consultation

您也可以隨時致電查詢 You can call me anytime to ask

先不回答顧客的問題﹐ Do not answer customers question first,

explain about the product first, because maybe some of the question can be answered during the presentation.

解釋完畢還是不能成交 After explaining still cannot close sales

怎麼辦 ? How

The mattress that you sell is more EXPENSIVE than other shops’ mattress.

我們的產品不是貴﹐ Our product is not expensive,

而是非常嚴重厲害的貴 。it is very EXPENSIVE.

Tapi Paling amat Mahal Sekali

不要和顧客相對﹐而是順其意。 Do not argue with customers, but follow his will.

便宜的東西很難賣 貴的東西才好賣
Cheap things are hard to sell Expensive things are good to sell

人的心理: 貴的東西比較好﹐又有水準
Human’s psychology﹕ Expensive things are much better, furthermore have standards.

找出顧客真正不買的方法 Find out real reasons why customers don’t want to buy.

Magic 1 2 3
神奇魔法 123




被称为貴金屬,貨幣和貴重飾品。銀的元素符號為 Ag




銀用來作為天然強力抗菌劑已經幾千年了。從古代地中海和古亞洲文化時代,人們使用銀器來防止飲料變質;公元前338年,古代馬其頓人征戰希臘時,用銀片覆蓋傷口來加速癒合;第一次世界大戰時,還用銀線縫合傷口, 不易感染;中國皇帝和大臣用銀筷進食;美國西部開荒者,用銀幣放入牛奶來保鮮牛奶;内蒙古的牧民,用银碗盛马奶,可以长期保存而不变酸。




銀離子對大腸桿菌、淋球菌、 沙眼衣原體菌等






羅伯特貝克博士通過研究發現人體的免疫力很大程度上依賴於銀,如果體內的銀含量低於標準水準 0.0001%,患病的可能性就會增高。





目前,世界上超过半数的航空公司已使用胶银。 如今人們已將銀離子廣範地應用到了生活的各行各業,如家電、床具、醫藥、化妝品等行業。






美國女性如何講究個人衛生 -- 摘自: 美國《紐約時報》







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