Good news!! for graduated and existing students

Message from Dr. AC Ng Academy


Dear Students,


Good news!! Dr. AC Ng Academy recently develop an online learning platform
“Cosmos Classroom”, A program which is available for students with an aspiration
to acquire knowledge through an access to Internet.  


The program will be through internet lecturing for students in the most convenient manner,
and the payment structure will be lower as well !


The fee structure for cosmos classroom will be as follow:


BBA RM 13, 600.00
  RMB 29, 900.00
MBA RM 15, 800.00
  RMB 34, 600.00
Ph. D RM 22,000.00
  RMB 48, 000.00


In Appreciation to all our graduated and existing students’ support throughout these years,
we are offering great scholarship to you for each enrollment of new students to your program.

      For each student enrolled you are entitled to the scholarship stated below:


BBA  students scholarship RM2, 600.00
MBA students scholarship RM3, 000.00
PhD  students scholarship RM4, 000.00

To all BBA & MBA graduate students, we offering an opportunity for them to enroll for higher degrees and receive special rates as stated below:


BBA graduates apply for MBA courses special rate RM12, 800.00
MBA graduates apply for Ph.d courses special rate RM18. 000.00
Ph.D graduates apply for Ph.D courses special rate RM16, 000.00


Students must enroll before 28th February 2007.
This opportunity is exclusive from Dr. AC Ng Academy.