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Ms Chantheney V. MSc Corporate Communication, MBA, LIMIS, MABE, has been specialising in industry related areas of  human resource management, administrative management, project cum operations management, quality management, corporate communication, customer service, as well as lecturing, supervising research projects, counselling and consulting, in her career that has spanned over a term of nearly two decades.

Her vast work experience includes that with a large conglomerate as well as the public sector.  During her stint with these organizations, she has been involved with the planning, implementation and control of several mega projects such as the North South Expressway project.  Apart from her involvement with such projects, she has been deeply involved in areas of people management and people development, specifically in the areas of recruitment, training and development, performance management, staff disciplinary matters, managing grievances, and industrial relations.

Apart from her vast working experience, Ms Chantheney has been actively involved in teaching and training for the past ten years.  Being very versatile and a strong believer in continuous self-development plus her commitment towards lifelong learning, she has been able to teach various subjects covering a range of disciplines.  She teaches among other related subjects, Management, Organisational Behaviour, Business Studies, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Business Ethics, Human Resource Management, Organisational Change & Development, Business Communication, Strategic Management, People Development and Corporate Communication. 

Ms Chantheney teaches these subjects from both an academic viewpoint as well as a more practical viewpoint at professional, degree and masters level with several reputable educational institutions, and provides consultancy services in these areas.  She conducts academic sessions as well as seminar or workshop based sessions for various MBA programmes, and has led dissertation workshops for corporate staff engaged in research projects as a partial fulfilment towards the completion of their MBA programmes.

Ms Chantheney is also an accomplished trainer and has an excellent mastery in relating her knowledge and industrial experience to practical aspects dealt with by her clients or trainees.  Possessing excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills, together with an ability to deliver fluently in both English Language and Bahasa Malaysia, she provides value by customising training modules to match specific needs of client organisations.

Ms Chantheney is a member of the Association of Business Executives, UK, and a Licentiate Member of the Institute for the Management of Information Systems, UK.  She has completed her MBA with majors in both Management and Marketing with a leading research based University in Australia, as well as a Master of Science in the field of Corporate Communication with a public university in Malaysia.  She is now on the path of pursuing her PhD in the area of organisational communication.




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