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Acume Sdn Bhd is a high-tech IT company specializing in the development, sales, and technology of Acesoft e-Education Software as well as providing professional training as its core business.

Since its inception in 2001, it has been involved in development of educational software and service, striving to realize an ideal that meet the modern Educational Management requirements and a platform to make IT development a reality as well as getting ourselves involved in E-Booking, E-Library, E-Tutorial & Multimedia, Administration, Tutorial Stuffs and Material, Library Management etc.


Looking ahead, we are committed to further expand the market in educational software and constantly exploring new products to better serve our clients.


Service, Clients and Cooperation are three core values we treasure.


Initially, ACUME was involved in educational software, later it spreads the business to provide Management Advisory (Consultant) and Corporate Training for its clients. Marketing Strategy & Implementation, Branding Strategy & Development, Media Strategy, Brand Manual/Brand reports, Business Planning, Professional Coaching and Manager Training are part of the services ACUME provided. The services provided by ACUME have gained acceptance by the top management in countries like Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Japan. It has done more than 30 professional training and coaching in various countries. Tens and hundreds companies have engaged us to give annual training for their staffs. We have made a mark in educational software and training in the Asia region and set a trend for others to follow.


ACUME is well known for its ¡§Knowledge Creation and Assimilation¡¨, the ability to formulate a competitive edge for its clients and create a virtual organization to deal with any situation that will spur further development in this IT era. We are determined to give you the best of us always as a flexible yet strong teamwork:


Knowledge creation to transmit intelligence based on innovative technology and human values!


 Dr. Wong has seen great development in EMBA educational market since 1996. His involvement in lectures and the planning and development of MBA courses are well received which has pushed the MBA courses to a new height. In 2004, he founded ACUME with an aim to integrate his experiences in lectures and the same time act as agent for US MBA courses. In the mean time, he also works hand in hand with other renowned education centers local and abroad to introduce its unique, effective e-education courses, including Corporate Management EMBA, Educational Management EMBA, Service management EMBA, Marketing EMBA etc. His sincere hope with all these in place, it can help the general public and Chinese in particular to raise his corporate performance and enhance their competitiveness.

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