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Sir Erwin AC Ng Certificate

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Sir Erwin AC Ng

Currently he is the most popular motivation master in Asia, thousandth of speech experience around the world and trained more than millions of people, he is well known as a diamond speaker.

Rolls Royc White House Four PhD Knight of the Order
20,000 Seminar Prime Adviser Miss Universe

Education Background:

Doctor in Human Resource Training & Development

Doctor of Psychic Psychology

Doctor in Business Administration

Doctorate in Education Psychology

Master of Business Administration
(Major in insurance)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Malaysia's Prime Minister YAB Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak

Dr Ng Went to Prime Minister's house as guest

Dr. Erwin AC Ng
The Dignity and Rank of
Knight (K. I. O. M.)


Current position:

WorldVentures ~ International Marketing Director

ACUME Sdn Bhd ~ Chief Executive Officer

Dr. AC Ng Academy Sdn Bhd ~ Principal

Champ Agency Sdn Bhd ~ Chairman

RedStone WorldwideSdn Bhd - CES

American Culture University ~ Academician

NanoPro Group - Chief Executive Strategist

Life Rehearsal courses ~ Establisher and Coach

AIA Insurance Sdn Bhd ~ Senior Manager


ACUME Sdn. Bhd.


The World fastest IMD of WorldVentures
Professor Dr. Dino Wong - President cum Founder of UC Kindies Group
FirstFlower International Limited (HK) -BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

South Korea KOCO SILVER-NanoPro Group


GETHA Group CEO Mr. Vincent Tan

NanoPro GM


CEO of Hotel OCEANIA Dr. Shi Rui

Hotel OCEANIA, China Yunnan

Macao Financial Professionals Association - Duipin Sir Erwin AC Ng Consultant

Previous Office

GETHA Group - Chief Executive Strategist

UC Kindies Group - Principal Consultant and Chief Strategist

FirstFlower International Limited (HK)-Principal Consultant

American Coastline University ~ Visiting Professor

KianClassic - Chief Executive Strategist

Paramount institutions of higher learning  ~ Chairman of the Group

Taiwan Austin ~ Human Resources Training Consultant

America Southern Pacific University ~ Represent of Asia Region

Junior Chamber International ~ 1994 pass president of the Kuala Lumpur West

BEYOND - Human Resource Advisor

KianClassic-Chief Executive Strategist

Spectrum Institutions of higher education ~ Honorary President

America National Pacific University - International vice President and Visiting Principals

History of Dr Ng's insurance career:

34 years in insurance career (AIA)

Break 49 years record of Malaysian supervisor level

Break 50 years record of Malaysian manager level

Maintain the highest manager level record for 10 years

Possess the award of cultivate the most outstanding agent in Malaysia

President round table member……

Currently Dr Ng's insurance group uphold the highest sales in AIA.

Dr Ng's Insurance group honored


Some of Dr. Ng's trophies in his office

Speech & Training courses:

Company Basic Course

Professional Marketing Skill Course

Tailored To Your Needs

MLM - Organization Motivation

Life Rehearsal first act (125 scenes)

Total Success In All Ventures (70 scenes)

Latent Of Life (112 scenes)

Inspiration Of Life - Code to Success (12 scenes)

Successful Sales Strategies (58 scenes)

Life Rehearsal second act (10 scenes)

Asia-Pacific life insurance congress lecturer chief

Speaker for International Insurance Industry Committee

The 1st and the fourth Asia-Pacific life insurance congress speaker.

ChinaHong KongMacauTaiwanThailandSingaporeMalaysiaPhilippines etc insurance company invited Dr Ng for an Insurance committee as a speaker.

American Pacific National University authorized that credit earn from every course Dr Ng conducted will be able to transfer.

 "World record" of 20, 000+ attendee to Dr Ng's Speech ( 2004-02-14 )


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Personal brief history:

In 1962,Dr Ng studied standard one, the result came out as he got the highest point in the whole class. Other than that, he can show his talent from some of the minor things, let say while he was 7 years old, he can totally detach one antique clock in to pieces, and reattach it back again. From this incident, he show he's not only naughty and like to challenge the traditional thought, he also shows that how sharp his brain is.

Most important thing is his characteristic: From the curiosity to detach the clock, adventurism, confidence and courage, the spirit of the process of reattachment, patience of keep on trying, put oneself in work and boldness, until he gets everything done without any guilds, from the ancient world until today's successors contain all of these characteristic.

Beside the smart brain, Dr Ng also do good in his sports, while he was 12 he'd been chosen as school team, went to a place call Mentakab in Pahang for competition, bring a victory for his school.

In 1970, while Dr Ng was 15, he was the vocalist for his school band, had been quite a star of students.

"Especially girls." Dr Ng gave a bright smile, floating in those days memories.

However, in 1972 while Dr Ng was 17 he left his school, went to JANGKA(14)Quantity official,on that time its hard to earn a living, everyday have to work under hot sun.

Following year, Dr Ng went to Petaling Jaya to help up his in-law's furniture shop, same time he started to draw and sell his art became a artist after that.2 years after that Dr Ng went back to Kuantan open up his own mini market. That time he was 20 years old, he woke up everyday on 6.00am to work until 11.00pm at night, doing very well.

In 1976, 21 years old, Dr Ng join AIA insurance company became an agent there. In the same year, he present his mini market to his brothers and sisters.

From 18 June 1976 until 30 November same year, only half of a year time, Dr Ng holds the no.1 of "Top Agent Award" in whole Kuantan, year ended bonus with collection of RM4000, he felt very happy with it, because he's able to gave his parent some money and bought himself a YASIKA camera.

3 years after that, while Dr Ng was 24 years old, he joint IHK - born to be free Courses , Dr Ng felt that was the big change of his life:

"Started to realize that we can make our own destiny, very good with it!"

In 1980 25years old, Dr Ng head towards his dream to become supervisor, in the same year he organized a lots of Latent Excavate Courses.

2 years after, Dr Ng got promoted as supervisor while he was 27 years old, there is 18 agent that year, he was the top in the company, he even set a highest record for supervisor level, felt graceful.

The next year, he broke the record of manager level in his company as he was still in supervisor level, represented as a manager for his company to attend AIG in Canada which 63 country were attending.

The following year he got promoted as manager, then obtain no. 1 in manager level of AIA in the whole Asia, that makes him became so popular, till lots of country invited him to share the taste of his success.

In 1985, 30 years old, Dr Ng became AIG the whole world, 132 country's no.1, makes he became well known to the whole world!

2 years after that, he decided to be partly retire, started his study of insurance in American university, let his own dream of wearing the square hat came true; in the same time he go all over the world to give speeches, to share his key to success.

1989, he shifted his insurance career from Kuantan to PJ, registered a insurance agency company, became the company's director, in the same year he won the champion of AIA agent.

Personal Luxury Car


Rolls Roy


CHAMP AGENCY, kept good result at all time, this makes Dr Ng bought a Rolls Roy Luxury car in 1994 which means a lot to him.



Rolls Roy changes it clothes

My Cars-Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW 760, Mercedes-Benz S500.


Beside doing well in insurance, Dr Ng another great achievement were establish courses like 【Latent Of Life】 ,【Inspiration Of Life - Code To Success】 ,【Life Rehearsal】.. etc. While scripting, Dr Ng had already lectured 112 scenes of Latent Of Life、12 scenes of Inspiration Of Life - Code To Success and 136 scenes of Life Rehearsal.

Among of all, 【Life Rehearsal】 establish a brilliant achievement in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and also Malaysia.

Dr Ng initiated 【Life Rehearsal】 course, it's a course that only use 3 days to rehearsal a person whole life time, explore the truth of being part for ever, how to confront frustrate, love between family, love between friends and love itself, take out the things, people or incidences that one self's going to confront to study, research, make one self avoid those minor problem, learn how to be thankful, value life, excavate creative thinking, get to know the true essence of give and take, practice double winning, set the goal of life, face success, how to set a balance in the state of mind, know one self, know our own right, responsibilities, confidence and obligation.

The Course itself is like a return trip ticket, let student's heart obtain the steady and sure feeling, start from the beginning, head-on the life initiatively.

Established since 1996,
Dr. AC Ng Academy Host-based long-distance courses, Dr. Ng look ahead to enterprise the academy, onward to the principal of establishing the academy: enable the way of getting knowledge is easier, more complete and quality of it in the country.

Dr. Ng recommend by own self, went off to thousand miles to convince American Honolulu University be the first to conduct class with Chinese textbookwrite the thesis report in Chinese “Australia and America Long-distance MBA Course”,let everyone in this country, especially for those who educated in Chinese able to make their "square hat" dream come true.

Include those who started their career with bare hand but today had already become somebody, and those who still fighting for career also those whose maintaining, nowadays, they don't need to leave down their work, they only need to take out three days between two months time, they even can chose which university to attend within peninsula, those like: University Malaya, University Pertanian Malaysia, University Technology Malaysia, University Science Malaysia or Taiwan  Yuan Zhi University , to get their Degree, Master or Ph D.

"A lots of people used more than ten years to study then only started their working career, this included studied in university, but after started to step-in to the society, 60 to 70 percent they'd already return it back to teachers, this makes them wasted a lots of time, money and efforts while studying." Dr Ng pointed out some highly educated people's worry, same time, he says Meanwhile come out with him create draw Australia and America business administration far from course's concept :"Establish of Dr. Erwin Ng Academy and Australia and America business administration Long-distance course is to remedy the emptiness of sequence and incomplete of proper education, let those who need to further their studies be able to half working half learning, half learning half using it, let the study and working be allied, totally became you learn what you're working as, and won't let the time slip away."



Talk about his secret of being successful and his motto, Dr Ng smiling peacefully:

What is in heart do exist, what is not there isn't;
Everything's created by heart, there's nothing if heart is not there.

It's too profound to be understood, but it already got nothing to do with fame and gain, thoughtlessly pureness is the only thing you can sense it.

Owns a personal building in year 2003


Building Structure: 5 star Bungalow Building

Floor Area:

8600 square foot (permanent land title deed)
Indoor Area: 16000+ square foot (450 level ground)


Computer Networking
Centralize Telephone System
Alarm System
Closed Circuit Television
Centralize Vacuum System
Centralize Air-con System
24 hours Guard  House


Dr. Erwin. NG


Dr. Erwin. NG


Mr. Kenny Liu

The 2008 Best Brand Award for the Asia-Pacific Region



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Dr Ng sharing his certificates
Dr A.C. Ng with his luxury car

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