Value life, this is person's instinct; Let life emission lustre, this is person's seek. That Yao, how talent enhance life of a person quality, how talent scientific, reasonable dispose and settle person's lifetime in maybe take place or must take place material circumstance, this is society region of scienc

e all the time, is psychologist especially, educators many years explore important issue. Yellow elegance strong doctor establishes "Life dress rehearsal "Course, there is breakthrough progress in this respect.

Life rehearsal take place person lifetime in must or maybe take place crowner, as mold draw up style exhibit in classroom. Hierophant tridimensional pedagogies modern, assist is as lamplight, music, prop waits for and environment, create a lifelike society atmosphere, let student among the rest experience and experience oneself daily make act for, on earth be to still wrong! Take place behind while some matter, whether can feel regret especially? While some disease comes round time, whether can pain completely? As something loses time, whether can feel all one's life regret? Inside door after all just rehearse at lesson, regret or pain still be in time for, rehearse behind still can once again, but need not regrettable all one's life.


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