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In the parent-child Yunyou

And the parents have no malicious remarks opposite,Shishui fire;

Rehearsal, he wound below-parents, and enjoy the realm of happiness.

Have nightly Wangui, the relatives often Jiaoxin mime;

Rehearsal, he bid farewell to know before leaving, the trip will reportedly Yingzong.

Also unmotivated students, homework is abandoned;

Rehearsal, he¶Żbooks such as life, soaring into plot.



In the course of the marriage

Once divorce imminent, parted ways;

After the rehearsal, they love unabated, carrying heavy hands.

Once the Cold War 15 years, the situation with Mo Lu;

After the rehearsal, the couple Erse, support each other swab tears.

Have a third party in the Lao nuisance;

After the rehearsal, a soft spot for a heart only accommodate you.

Cengjingcanghai hard water;

Wushan not cloud removed.



In the journey of life

Want to give up their own time just, suicide; After the rehearsal, he loves life, the activities of kindness.
Fanglangxinggai,yielding once; After the rehearsal, he has found happiness in their own direction.
Once the lump of walking corpses armed slumps; Rehearsal, he dedicated a great , of pride fetched.



Wu Xiu in the personality of the

Always selfish; Rehearsal, he into groups, united know.
Have no sense of responsibility; Rehearsal, he of due diligence, to be accountable for everything.
Always lazy by nature; Rehearsals, he and positive, determined to Fengchengmoli.



live in the best of his no-regrets


Rehearsal lives to give us a chance exercise, a self-released space!
Three days of closed rehearsals, and may be the happiest of our lives in three days.
We truly can not let it go back to the mistakes have been corrected, but we can cherish,
Avoid future committed irreparable mistake!
It provides is not "the answer I got."
But "I understood the answer."
Nobody wants to own it will be ugly old for the new situation corrected,
Unless he himself truly felt the need!
The rehearsal is to allow your life to feel, instead of allowing you to correct!



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