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Power speech

Concerts and performances before, it will advance rehearsals. The rehearsal is to have a more brilliant performances, rehearsals hope that the errors can be performed in order to minimize the point. Life is a drama, the big arena of life for every human person, are the most important, because it's only once, not heavy, it is of the one-way tickets.
For this the only opportunities to perform, whether we have made a rehearsal for it? Seems to have been no! So in life, there are many sudden it to what happened so that we caught unprepared. Often wait until things happen, we suddenly have to understand, but often too late, but can only stay forever irreparable regrets.

Rehearsal life

Is a human life will be some of the great things moved lesson rehearsal room. Dr. Huang Yalie will be a meditation on the latest and most effective way to help you to the three-dimensional method of rehearsals life.
... You ever imagine that you are going to the future you?
... Have you seriously thought that the time had traveled reincarnation of the 10, 20, you have not created the life you want? When the Golden Age of life, you are complacent, Sure? Or rainy day waiting for an opportunity? Looking up at castles in the air, Puliu of attitude?
Each individual has a heart the sun, when the hearts of the show as the sun, life will be vibrant. Once the sun was troubling cloud cover, unable to convey light, the people's soul will feel lonely, Lingji, and even isolated and helpless. In the future will be accepted baptism of the community you know the face of the larger environment? Understanding of the nature of life is the test? Life is the courage to make the choice? Whether or not to accept the pace of their lives like?
Rehearsals for a different life courses, different from the traditional method of education to bring you the minds of chic rehearsals future, Guochuziji through listening to others, to accept their own, to share the lives of Yuedong to help you every step should be left behind memories collection of the footprints.
Magical magnetic field guide you will be more virtual Wye Shenyi mind, the essence of life regression, which show the beauty of human nature and live a new generation of the pride.
Dr. Huang Yalie from the speaker personally
Life partners
For a group of two students carrying out activities aimed at understanding each other, learn trust, cooperation, caring and inclusive.

Life wrong
Way through the sharing of students say their lives have committed the biggest mistake in the guide instructors through their students face the errors, re-acceptance, a new start.

Life Win-win 
Allow students to learn whether life at the individual, family, career, love, and so did its win-win situation, Lirenliji create happier life.

Life Mianbi
Broader picture, may 1:00 plain sailing. An excessive number one enemy of good friends. Through special activities for the students to learn the mistakes of others inclusive, tolerant or even your enemy, and for their own future from a more assistance, and to reduce barriers to the success of life stumbling block.

Life footsteps
Let students understand that the brain has unlimited creativity, and how to use the brain to create more life to the next breakthrough.

Life Parting
Create a realistic Shengchisibie rehearsals, and first-hand experience to the participants to close their loved ones and leave loving the moment, it is not fulfilled part of regret, there are so many things to do regret, the trainees learn to cherish each Each second - and all the people around, things were.

Life eyes
Through the eyes of training, and build self-esteem.

Life Letter
Through letters to the relatives and friends of the heart most sincere words of love and care, thereby creating a caring society.

Late life
Will be late for the dead. Through the guidance of professors and courses arrangement to allow students to experience and feelings brought about by the late and the serious consequences it will have to pay a heavy price, Jier allow students to learn good habits of punctuality.

Life Regression
To the participants of their parents is hard pregnant October, came to this world. From Aoaodaibu, Yayahuayu, early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education and into the social process is how long, difficult, which include parental love, money, effort, youth, effort, mixed, and so on, is a lifelong inability to repay all the. Well children learn not only the parents but also with filial piety.

Life boat
Rehearsal drill through a section of the accident occurring, let students learn how an emergency, chaos and self-help to understand the value of life, so as to better cherish life.

Life changes
Through rehearsals, and removal of life's most serious bad habit at the same time create new life and achieve their dreams.

Life candles
Through the burning candles, put out to the participants of the short-term to life. Life as a candle, although insignificant, in the dark if ignited, can still bring light to others. Teach students to be alive, progressive, cherish good time, play a lot of useful, Caofurenqun and contributing to society.

Life Fund
Before the end of the course, instructors, teaching assistants and students have the opportunity to practice the good opportunity, through contributions (capacity) to help some poor children so that they can have access to education, from training the country's future leaders.

Life contract
Through instructor and the help of all the students and shouted in the life of the three most want to achieve the aspirations of its own constantly shouted loudly set by the contract, to the content of the contract into the subconscious, using the subconscious to help students create successful future.

Life reminder
Speech instructors from the Memorandum of life for each of the students through meditation everything into their minds, as a future pursuit of the ideal of a career copy, constantly re-adjust their own, do not give up easily.

Life commitment
Rehearsal day life will be the focus of the study concentrated into 10 to enable the trainees to be adopted after the end of the course to self-Beishou reminded.

Life salute
Through curriculum arrangements for the participants of the success of honour, respected feeling, and aroused the determination of the participants upward.

Life meditation
Through meditation way, the participants entered the field of Alfa-learning, so learning more effective.



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