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Rehearsal day life courses, the following is the students two days before the end of the course to share experiences.


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 Students Name

01 11025 Yau Wei Gang
02 11025 QIU Hong
03 10722 Liu ji fang
04 11025 Man Li qin
05 11025 Liu Wei
06 11025 Hong Lei
07 11025 Zhao Hong
08 11025 Yang Hung
09 11025 Zheng hui ling
10 11461 Li Cai Yuan
11 11562 Huang Qin Zheng

























Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

Yau Wei Gang students
Professor Ng:
     Rehearsal training to participate in life, this fresh, innovative training methods, and by many, is not to spend very short period of time or a short period of a few pages letterheads best expressed clear. Have some experience will be superficial reporting as follows:
     A short time life has concentrated many of the important aspects. So far, only two days time, we have experienced has made several aspects of life. Such as kinship, friendship, parental attention, attention of other people's time, cherishing life, and caring, compassionate, and the existence of all things are reasonable and so on, especially big as life, life, such as small time and so on, are all interpreted head. To do so in a short period of time to make it clear that, I think that only Professor clear to this day.
     Second, the new form. The past we have been accustomed to domestic preaching style, I hear you say, without the opportunity to give you his speech, in fact produced the ideological resistance. And the rehearsal of this form of life, in no way gives a sense of preaching, but gradually step by step forward, made full use of sound, light, voice, language, breathing inspiration, tips and other forms, in particular the sharing of this special form, and regardless of is the sharing between students, professors or indicative of sharing, give people a sense of refreshing, this means, but also in the curriculum, not the absence of well-designed, well-thought-out crystallization.
     Third, sentiment, big help to individuals. Cattle and sheep licensing token, this analogy has condensed the reality that many important phenomenon, although in real life we often sheep licensing, to also obtain, ask others, but also other demands on themselves, but also the role of alternating or swap . But no matter what role change, in real life, and always give people a licence when the sheep, their cattle licensing to others less. Clarifying the truth only after it was pursued by a disadvantage that it is fortunate to be justified. Weirenchushi future this is not an accident more cattle licensing? There is still time concepts, in the circumstances, not abiding by their own also, but never think that this is a very serious matter, do not think that is important, but only trivial matters. Notes late wasted the lives of others, and you lose the respect of others. Since the awareness of this, the future will not cause Is very vigilant? For example the attitude of parents, not so profound understanding of the past, always feel that parents worry about food and clothing, have enough money to spend, do not need more love and care. In fact, this kind of thinking is very harmful and should not, indeed the Changhuijia see some more care to the elderly, particularly in the elderly parents, particularly in Japan where small. Sentiment also many, this space can not speak of the End.
     Fourth, do not like to get to know better the new students. To the students, no one is the understanding of the past. This not only get acquainted with the same industry, but also to get to know the other industries or government departments, and other aspects of people. Especially my age only BUDDY is a girl like my daughter, I came to know a Wangnianzhijiao. This is a great blessing of life.
     Professor Wong, thank you for giving me advice for life condensed interpretation of the life rehearsal, many of the uncertainties clear up, and also recognize that the wrong Where goes wrong. I believe that through this training, although not change my life, but it will affect my future life. Yes, I am grateful to you.
     Short paper so long. Limited to the time, wrote the suspense.

Your students: You-wei gang
July 7, 2002 morning


























Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

QIU Hong students
Life on the study concluded rehearsals
Professor Ng: Hello!
         After two days of "life rehearsals for" learning and training, you are inspired three aspects:
         First: the theme of courses
Throughout the two days of instruction, the curriculum has been permeated with to the value of life itself that constantly perform an important emotional life values. Such as: father, mother's feelings, wives, sons and daughters of the emotion, a friend at the same time emotional theme in the theme, that that related to examples of combining theory and teaching methods, is colorful, activation courses.
         Second: interpretation courses of action
Although just two days, but hours, it is not so much stress as it is interpreted, will be important in the life process through courses or performances and lectures in the form of activation performance, depth of people, in pursuit of the most authentic one screen to mobilize students the most sincere feelings space to study with study, and learn from each other into.
         Third: Course of movement and stillness, Happy and worry
Two days time, we will be effective in the truth, love, happiness, sadness and separating the right, it would not have been sad Hi. This is the kind of art, and you will be to perform such art to the best extent. Thank you, thank you to touch our soul, to touch our love, our sincere wake-up call for us as a unique kind of human nature. A two-day, already have been, and again expressed his thanks.

Students: QIU Hong































The 107th Session of the International mainland of the 22nd •

Liu Ji Fang

Please allow me to call you from the bottom of their hearts, the mentor of my life - Yalie Dr. Huang, 40, the first time& their lives conversation 4.15 dialogue between the soul of its own, so Hanchang hill, and so Tongche heart, I have always thought that, as long as the heart Zhuang, as long as the chase "Xianyunshuhe" Austerities to life, I have always thought that as long as life in the heart, as long as has "passage of" is the soul of the rich. However, when the spiritual life Overture shocked by the boldface you started, you have to help us, the Lord was completed by the negligence of life forever left to the deterioration of the dream, the life of your return tickets delivered every one desire obstacles to a breakthrough life in the hands of the people. When the lives of the seemingly inadvertently late, even the two innocent lives, with a vision as a brilliant smile, a broad-minded mother in the amount of that sand flap, flying them should never fly in the sky, I curse the ravages of God, I lamented the impermanence of life, I also know that the cruel blink of an eye, is not fortuitous fell, it is critical to life and merciless challenges, like knives, like swords, like Ji, the scrapping Qiang , a tear, and countless innocent lives but neglect the people that I have from not slacking off.

I have been wrong in a life under the guidance of difficult and sad through the long road of life, helplessly & helpless, the heart was thick cast a heavy shadow, infantry profoundly because of a setback and is no longer firm, the original good water , fiery passion, I, the world has also yielded several hate, though, I have been born with the spirit of Confucius active in the efforts to practice my life, a goal, but the bewildered hearts, in the struggle of feeling lost, stuck in a swamp struggling in the Jidong, always enveloped me. Is the key to your life, solemnly referred to my hands, with your personality, supplies Germany, with Bo know, I opened the door to the wisdom of life, in the face of that evanescent moment of life, in the face of that you have a successful and set up the "plight of their intellect, their skeletal the hunger of their skin, their body Kongfa" people, the activities they removed the hearts of true build their own "human wall" so that love for life and lay a solid backing to a human life bloomed in the most beautiful flowers.

When life boat opened again, I will be showers in the lily, I纷飞wind raised the long hair, out of the soul of the desert, toward open area, and all because you have, the love of life mentor, life no longer afraid, All because you have life mentor guidance.
Student: Liujifang
2001 • 12 • 30






























Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

Man Liqin students
Professor Ng:
Is the act of God, but also fate, I was fortunate to become your students. You unusual training methods I Understanding deep, in the passage of those years in the nature and love, you are meticulously set with the specific situation and call back, contained in the seemingly simple but profound philosophy of the game and the competition, People wrapped themselves gradually stripped of the cloak of human nature, to the dedication of a Thanksgiving display by using live exercises and rehearsals, and tell you how to spend their own weaknesses, and to love and help troubled people gave……
I regret, why have gone through a busy 40 years before you understand, and at the same time I am glad that, after all, is your understanding, your inspiration, I know the value of life, and understand how life only more valuable, I will have to redouble their love for a variety of reasons some of the feelings or forget 、 friendship and love, from now on, I will not wait, or lingering wait-and-see, I make my life with your interpretation of the way education more perfect and brilliant!
Thank you, the distinguished teacher Huang!
Happiness and well-being!

Your students: Man Liqin
July 6, 2002



































Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

Liu Wei students
Dear Dr. Ng:
We recall that in the beginning of this year, the consultancy firm, the first time I saw the "life rehearsal" four words, that wonder, life can rehearsals? With the passage of time, "rehearsals for life," finally the curtain was opened, the first phase of the students returned, one of them sitting opposite me, his words and deeds I Jiaozhuo unfamiliar, and the original he判若两人, "Life rehearsals," is there such a big power?
Today, I have finally entered the "rehearsal life," the classroom, although only conducted a two-day course, but a short span of two days is like two years, 20 years of experience, "life rehearsal" really shocking to a Force, which like the drama rehearsal, just as the life and death go through life, love and hate, gain and loss is a pre-drill, let you set up in the contexts of real life.
In rehearsal, I entered a role, I entered the role of Buddy, all from all sides, know each other and to enter the lives of the Friends of the role, full of love and completely open their hearts, not prevention in the world, how relaxed and happy This is a loving world, Dr Wong brings you, sincerely thank you!
Through participation in the Life "rehearsals," so that we understand the importance of life, we must cherish his life, and happiness is alive, alive must know how to Thanksgiving, know how to treat others, treat their own lives-not, but it does rehearsals, We hope that there will be more of life of the Friends.
Chu: health and happiness

Students: Liu Wei
July 6, 2002


























Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

Hong Lei students
Dear Dr. Ng: Hello!
I brought the company to participate in "life rehearsal." Initially, I was holding on to the "understanding" attitude, to see what life is how rehearsals. As the saying goes: "Jiangshan easily changed, Benxingnanchi," I do not believe a short period of three days to change people's life.
But through two days of training, I am Life "rehearsals" views changed, it entertaining, Chi Zhang is the degree requirements, easy-to-digest stories, left its rehearsal of the King, yet human nature is devoid of conscience awakened to so many people cried. I recognized this was a friend of the family, praised daughter, also recognized that in filial piety, the supervisors, their still exists many problems is deeply ashamed.
I Mao Zedong era, has been working 25 years, I have not been late once, I have always believe that punctuality is trustworthiness, punctuality is mourning period Road, punctuality is respect for others, but the late "dead "seriousness, there is a clear understanding of this training to the……
In short, in this limited space is unable to express my thoughts, I can not express the feelings, such as the end of the training, I will give teachers a letter on my harvest.
Below are my suggestions:
In the "life rehearsal" of certain units, in China there is the value of the promotion, family planning because of the "little emperors" "Little Princess" on April 21 SARS courses such as "sheep card," " filial piety "and" punctual ", it is palanquin governance, but it will be parents and schools welcome. The teachers in the study can be a combination suited to China's national conditions of the teaching system, mainly for high school students, I am of the country and certainly is a great thing.

Student: Hong Lei
July 6, 2002



























Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

Zhao Hong students
Dear Dr.  Ng:
I have the honour to you personally participated in the formation of the "life rehearsal" training courses, training courses, I learned a lot of useful knowledge, Ganwudao person's life, should be experienced Beihuanchige. At the same time, life felt more valuable. Indeed, the people alive is the greatest happiness.
Just two days time, we interpret the life, and in this fresh and full of moving courses, I learned that a person's life, only to pay to get. Win-win is an eternal law of the world, no one can run counter to the contrary should be punished by the laws of nature. I know you, how to respect others and treat others. I learned a deeper level to parents on their children's contribution.
Two days learning life, the life of our 40 classes of Friends, has opened their hearts, Husu joy and suffering, there is no barrier between people, we are fully into the life rehearsals this course, I benefited from . Dr Wong, I sincerely thank you for our education, thank you for creating this very exciting life rehearsals. I will be Thanksgiving with a heart, so thank those who helped me. Yeyi deep, but my mind is not calm for some time. I will treasure their lives more and more treasure the friendship between friends, the best thing each one, and never regret it.

Your students: Zhao Hong
July 6, 2002































Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

Yang Hung students
Distinguished Professor: Hello!
In the journey of life, I was fortunate to become your students, took part in the rehearsals. Learn in a short span of two days, you大半辈子condensed the essence of life in your unique teaching methods, in those years of the passage of understanding and love, life must be a life and death, love and hate, gain and loss is like a movie, and scenes of a drill in your seemingly simple but profound philosophical implication of the game and competition so that we understand the world the truth, the value of life. In my later days, I will make more efforts to correct attitude toward life. Here, we give you the education and the dedication to express my sincere thanks.

Your students: Yang Hung
2002.7.7 0.1






























Article 110 of the International 、 China's first 25 -

Zhenghuiling students

On "life rehearsal" study classes awareness
First of all we would like to thank the manager for giving me this opportunity to participate in rehearsals for life learning classes, thanks to Sir Erwin, I have never had the concept of some dedicated. "Life can not be heavy, but can Rehearsal." I am sure that if the 18-year-old to take part in study classes, then my life is another journey will be like. May have notoriety, and lead a well-off life, in the past two days of study to me a very deep impression is:
<1> filial piety explanation.
<2> music melody, the lyrics of songs.
<3> face life-and-death choice.
<1> filial piety, from the sensible to now it could be said that I have never had family, parents, I always subjective in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of parents say that I am biased East to West. Had a good work, to being laid off, to work outside the home, is my own decision, as the house restaurants, glad to come home for dinner, a few weeks not to go home unhappy. Including to the classes have not previously even wrote a letter, not to mention in front of their families say "I love you." Now I know I was wrong, there is no way families choose, they are your parents, brother, sister, can not be changed, I would take more time to visit them, Jin Xiao Road, the parents more than the limited life along them.
<B> songs. No matter what the song's music, the lyrics, to hear all the other people there is a surging enthusiasm, and positive feeling. Teach you to be a man, teach you a positive and uplifting, for instance, "Genwangshianbei" This song, I repeatedly sung in karaoke OK, but not as profound feeling today, after the rehearsals for the life I think, before bad , do wrong they will be abandoned. Farewell to the past, re-creating a wholehearted I.
<3> face life-and-death choice. -- I would not hesitate to choose Health. I have family, friends, colleagues, staff, I yearn for a happy family life. I must Health, I would like to open, I am hard-working, I have a career of their choice, I would like to the world the merits of the soldiers I talent, I have to for my company do my best to contribute to the capacity.
This is more than three classes after his own views. Sir Erwin once again to thank for giving me a new concept: the life - not, but can rehearsals. I want to tell the people I know and cherish life, Jinxiao Road, I live a real presence.














































Section 114 of the International section 61 of Malaysia 、

Li mining geopolitical students

Sir Erwin - my life mentor
I also did not come to "life rehearsal" before, I have a bad temper and do not know how the people of filial piety. I read the book so many years and poetry, I also did not help to change the natural parents of the bad attitude. In addition, I will often depend on others for my views and opinions. In the absence of consensus, I will give up my ongoing business or the Treasury.
March 7 to me is my 37 years in the years to come as a breakthrough. I Zhang David under the encouragement of teachers to Kuala Lumpur to participate in such courses. I take this to heart try Institute, are also worried that they are unable successful completion of this three-day training courses. The result is 7 and 8 after two days of classes, my life has changed completely.
In rehearsal, I am bound by the liberation of their own and let my thoughts in the course of rehearsals and "walk." I invested in the outcome of the exercise done before, I will not and do not want to do. I, and the misunderstanding of my first day of the courses on the deep understanding that I so love him, but because there is no let himself walked down the stairs and stiffness there. He left in the moment, I know that, in my dictionary, in life he can not. If this is not a rehearsal, I also believe that I will never know his love and care is increasingly deep. I have not "dead", has been that I can put aside my most loved son, beloved husband away. In fact, I still resort to them, not resort mother of two young children, resort, not me, and he alone how to stir up a double responsibility. This is the result of my "life boat" in the rehearsals, I decided must Alive, Alive finish my wish has not yet been completed. I came back alive to face the natural parents. I will not take the road of life, there are inner regret. I kneel down in tears when I know I love my natural parents, but I hate to complain and Zhezhao my soul.
Completed a two-day course, my life began to change. I hide in the depths of his heart, I liberated. I want to be back to myself, to my parents, four, I spouse. My two children and Kang Kang Xin Yang, I would like to be a wise man. A wise person is a will strike a balance between the people, she knew how to choose, to have my wisdom to develop their potentials.
I have no regrets to Dr Wong organized by the "life rehearsal" courses, I have on many courses but no one as "life rehearsal" of the most depth and the three-dimensional approach, like Buddhism, the Phoenix Bath After the fire was reborn. "Life rehearsal" training courses, like a light guide us (who were intent reborn) in the vast seas sailing.
I very much appreciate life rehearsals, a professor in the school of each class regarded pinch well, there is no cold Course. His every move so that the participants are shocked I have never seen a tutor students in the class do not need to prepare notebook. His teaching methods such as three-dimensional-Yi Yi-chi school in the same, he let us trainees own experience, feelings, thereby strengthening our minds, the memories. The most valuable is that he also Members of the teaching dance.
"Life rehearsal" Let us trainees on the scene very real rehearsals, and if encountered in daily life similar incidents, on the "rehearsal life," students can believe, will be to resolve Is. The participants in a class if the input to the Senate on, I absolutely believe that "life rehearsals for" The courses enable students to change their concepts and ideas, the establishment of a new mentality, or be said to be a new experience.
Thank you Sir Erwin, Thank you for your design for the masses so good, so stick training. Later, I kept enough money, I must be on you, the "life rehearsal" second act, third, fourth and fifth screen. This three-day course I benefited greatly.
I would also like to thank the angels in this three-day training courses to our assistance.
Thank you, I wish you in the field of education and training a higher level.

Li mining margin word

























Section 115 of the International 、 the 62nd Malaysia

Huang Qin permit students

Dear Sir:
I have been told that the "self-confidence that the United States", "self-confidence is power," Today, I finally realized you on the meaning of this statement. I have also received higher education, but since participated in the "life rehearsals," and I found that there are many things I do not understand, there are still many things not to do, but also do not dare. Start feeling that the original I wasted a lot of time, these years, I have learned what in the end! What do I want to! After two days of Life "rehearsals" I think a kind of "thorough". In this I am very grateful to take me to participate in the "Lin Wen-order", he did not lead, I would not have the opportunity to attend.

Participated in so many modules such as: the drastic changes in cattle and sheep licensing 、 、 life boat 、 things this one universe, until the seriousness of the broader picture 、 footsteps 、 sentiments of the creative force and the importance of filial piety to be genuine 、 the meaning of life three in the (rare, can be in, and willing) Thanksgiving heart 、 impermanence of life, and self-confident look at each other's eyes 、 happy dances Qu 、 meditation, and so on ... wow! Fantastic! Some never experience in life to life, since it is in the three days of this, and understand and tests.

Sir Erwin, I appreciate your impermanence of life, the security of your life and the importance of family ties. I also learned that your time is limited, and the difficulty of clapping time merciless truth. More tests to the team spirit, the power of groups. In such a short span of three days, I really do not benefit from shallow, lifelong benefit.

Dr Wong, you rest assured! I will not waste your dedication in this day and teach, I will cherish and play good, because yesterday, I have the courage to do something over the last 30 years have not done the whole thing, and that is I fought a phone call back home to my parents said: "parents, I am sorry! I really love you." he also elderly people with a phone can not cry statement.
Here, I once again the sincerity and respect to you, "Sir Erwin" say "Thank you!"

Huang Qin permit pen