Program Outline

A brief outline of the program are as follows:

MBA 510

Marketing Management


Theory of modern marketing management with strategic emphasis in integrating marketing activities with company objectives and the customers, environmental opportunities.  With a planning perspective, key topics covered includes market research and segmentation, product positioning, pricing policies, distribution channels, promotion/ advertising/ selling and measurement/ tracking of marketing efforts.


MBA 550

Managerial Economics

Analysis of the management processes associated with resource acquisition and allocation; theories of demand, production, costs and pricing with emphasis on applications, the forecasting of business, financial conditions, policy approaches and Monetary policy. Quantitative methods are stressed. OK


MBA 520

Organizational Behavior

Managerial functions, style, techniques, and external organization environments, overview of diagnostic, behavioral, technical, and conceptual management skills and processes, comparative and applied study of organizational effectiveness with emphasis on decision theory.


MBA 540

Financial Management
This course aims to introduce the modern basic theories and concepts underlying the practice of financial management; highlight the key aspects of the local financial environment, equip  students with the analytical skills to solve problems that involve making investments.


MBA 515

Corporate Strategies & Policies

Deals with the analysis of the strategic process of studying and forecasting to external environment of the corporation, assessing the future enterprise strengths and weaknesses, setting enterprise goals with recognition of personal and social goals, and evaluating performance and progress toward those goals. Provides the students with an integrated view of the functional decisions and corporate strategy.



 Total Quality Control & Management

Essential elements for a total quality management philosophy.  The focus is on the operations strategy, operations planning, operations control, supply chain management, statistical quality control/ statistical process control and philosophy of TQM.



International Trade and Finance

Emphasis will be placed on the International trade theory, International trade policy, International Macroeconomics background, open-economy macroeconomics policy and International macroeconomic policy.


MBA 590

Human Resource Development


 This course addresses contemporary problems in human resource management, using a systems approach that examines the many interdependencies affecting personal decision making, both from the internal and external organizations environments. Cases and exercises in the following human resources decision areas are included: planning, recruitment, selection, and employee development; Performance evaluation, labor relationship, and compensations. Emphasis is place a measuring the effectiveness of human resource management programs and on the development of each student's ability to human resource thinking.


MBA 600

Master's Thesis



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